Donny Crandell​ 

As an athlete, military leader and life-trainer, I know the value of having strong, customized and helpful coaching.  Let me help you be your best for your next presentation.

   Coaching themes include:
          *  How to write a winning speech
          *  How to be authentic when you speak
          *  How to connect with any audience
          *  Likability
          *  Speaking with confidence
          *  Speaking with humor
          *  The power of storytelling
          *  Personal resilience
          *  Excellence

   Coaching Services include:
          *  One on One mentoring
          *  Keynote addresses for businesses and companies
          *  Staff training for church leadership
          *  Motivational training for military events
          *  Entertaining speeches for school assemblies
          *  Inspirational training for Toastmaster clubs

As an award-winning speaker, I can help you improve your speaking skills and connecting with your audience.  Contact me today for more information and to schedule time with me.  

The Coaching Makes All The Difference...

"Thank you so much for coming! I really enjoyed your speech and your magic tricks. You taught me a lot and I look forward to using your tips on public speaking!"

Nicole Rodriguez


"Thank you so much for your speech and visit with us. I loved your speech and the story of your Toastmasters journey. I learned a lot from your tips!"

Hannah Kidd